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Open/A Web Server

The Open/A Web Server is an HTTP Server that runs on the Unisys Clearpath family of mainframes. This allows the Unisys mainframe to publish web sites to internet or intranet users. The Open/A Web Server was written in DCALGOL especially for the Clearpath machine. This makes the performance much better than that of other 'C' language products which were just "ported" to the Clearpath.

Some of the features of this product are:

  • Number of worker tasks may be set to allow site to tune performance
  • Allows control of URL's by IP address and userid/password
  • Allows administration from a standard web browser (with proper authorization)
  • Written in ALGOL for Clearpath; not a port of an existing product
    • Increased Efficiency
    • Source cannot be examined by hackers
  • Uses standard Clearpath usercode/password validation
  • Supports a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) allows users to call their Clearpath code files
  • Will log requests (URL, Hostname, Date, Time, Result, Bytes Sent) and errors
  • Text and binary files supported, including Java applets

Feel free to go look at the Open/A Web Server which is running at our site.

We are currently offering a free copy of the Open/A Web Server. If you are interested in running this product please contact us at info@asgardsw.com.


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