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Open/A for Java

Open/A for Java provides users who are creating Java applets the ability to access Clearpath data via standard SQL. Applets are created on a server and activated by clients utilizing Java enabled browsers. Upon activation, the applets will communicate directly with the Clearpath mainframe through Open/A for Java using the Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC)TM standard.

Open/A for Java is a native Java JDBC driver.This allows Java applets as well as Java applications to access the mainframe data. Since this product is written totally in Java, you will avoid the performance and maintenance penalties of the current family of "ODBC-JDBC bridging" products that are on the market.

As an added advantage, this product connects to the same mature Clearpath server as Open/A for Windows. If you are a current Open/A user, all of your current  Open/A configuration files and security settings will immediately be usable by Open/A for Java.




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