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Installing Clearpath Software 

When Clearpath files are downloaded from this web site, they will be compressed using pkzip. When you unzip the compressed file, it will contain a single file of the same name with the extension .asg (this stands for 'Asgard Archive File'). For example, if you download the Clearpath Open/A software, the zip file might be called opena.zip and the archive file would be called opena.asg.

Please note that due to a problem with earlier Open/A Administration programs, you will need to have Open/A Administration program version 4.100.100 or later to perform the upload to the Clearpath. Click here to get the latest admin.exe and admin32.exe if you do not have them.

After downloading and unzipping the archive file, run the Open/A Administration program and connect to the Clearpath. Please note that all files will be uploaded to the usercode (and on the primary pack) that you use to connect to the Open/A Administration program. This will allow you to control where these files are placed. Please be careful not to overwrite your existing Open/A files with this process. Once you have uploaded the files to a new location, you can copy them over the previous version of Open/A (if that is where you would like them to reside). You should not directly overwrite the existing Open/A files. After running the Administration program, select 'Put files onto host...' under the 'Special' menu. You will be given an 'open file dialog' box which will allow you to select the .asg file that you downloaded. Once you have selected this file, you will be given another dialog box that will list all files that are in the archive file. If this list appears to be corrupted, or if some files are listed more than once, you will need the latest administration program as mentioned previously. Click on each file that you wish to upload (this is usually all files) and select 'Put'. You will be given a completion bar as each file is uploaded to the host. Once this procedure is completed, the files will be on the Clearpath as if you had copied them off of a tape.


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